At the start of lockdown, two children from the Warwick District, Grace 9 and Sam 6, started a 350 mile cycle challenge to be completed by the end of May with the aim of raising £500 for The Friendship Project for Children.  Little did they know it was going to be the sunniest month since records began and they would be battling the heat too!
The children were up to 324 miles when Grace had a spectacular fall off her bike, she was shaken and had lots of cuts and bruises.  Determined to carry on cycling, she got back on her bike the next day with little brother Sam; who had just turned 7 and they completed the remaining 26 miles.  When asked what was the hardest part of this challenge Grace said:”It was getting back on the bike after my fall” and Sam said:”The steep hills!”.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Grace and Sam who completed this cycling challenge of 350 miles and raised a huge £2001 for The Friendship Project for Children.  Area Coordinator for Warwick, Fiona Roche,  presented them with special certificates of achievement from The Friendship Project for Children.  This will enable over 160 outings to take place for the children supported by their volunteers.  Once cinemas, sports centres, museums, farms, cafe’s, etc start to re-open, the volunteer (Older Friend) will be able to take the child (Younger Friend) on outings again.  Until then, our volunteers are in touch via phone, messaging and post. Some of the children are enjoying becoming pen pals with their volunteer friend, sending and receiving letters, pictures and gifts. We also have a new group Zoom activity starting up for volunteers and their Younger Friends, where we will be taking part in activities together.
We are always looking for more volunteers and funds to help keep this local charity going.  If you think you can help, please contact Fiona Roche at or 07828078015  For more information, please see our website and social media pages:, @friendshipproj