Feedback from our Younger Friends

He is so totally amazing and kind. I love biking with him and he is really enthusiastic and reliable.

I really like going out with my Older Friend because we have loads of fun and we go out on our bikes. He’s great.

I really like my Older Friend. We have so much fun together but she’s leaving and I will miss her. I hope I get another friend.

He is so good, he’s super kind and we get to go to lots of great places.


Sam and Grace – cycling challenge finished and £2001 raised!

At the start of lockdown, two children from the Warwick District, Grace 9 and Sam 6, started a 350 mile cycle challenge to be completed by the end of May with the aim of raising £500 for The Friendship Project for Children.  Little did they know it was going to be the...

Our Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report is now available to view by clicking here