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He is so totally amazing and kind. I love biking with him and he is really enthusiastic and reliable.

I really like going out with my Older Friend because we have loads of fun and we go out on our bikes. He’s great.

I really like my Older Friend. We have so much fun together but she’s leaving and I will miss her. I hope I get another friend.

He is so good, he’s super kind and we get to go to lots of great places.

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Small Charity Week 2024

What is a Small Charity?  A small charity is a voluntary organisation with a social or charitable purpose with an annual income of less than £1 million. Small charities are known for their ‘open door’ approach, being led by people with lived experience and have deep...

Thanks to Ettington Primary School

A Huge thankyou to the 8 girls in year 3 at Ettington Primary School, Stratford upon- Avon who have raised an incredible £179.07 for The Friendship Project. You are all amazing!


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